The Best iPhone Case for iPhone 13 iPhone 13 mini13 Pro and 13 Pro Max Dubai UAE YallaCase

Have you ever wondered which iPhone 13 Case is the best ?

Here are YallaCase top options for iPhone 13 Cases, iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases, and iPhone 13 Pro Cases that you can use safely in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 
Furthermore, which iPhone 13 Cases are MagSafe-compatible.

The iPhone 13 is a truly nice refresh compare to a completely revamped and new design from its older brother of the iPhone 12.
But when it comes to an iPhone in general, even a single small design updates from Apple, can mean the previous generation's cases will not fit at all.


The iPhone 13 Pro Max (left) has a considerably larger camera array than the 12 Pro Max (left). YallaCase

Today, the new dimensions for the iPhone 13 product range are very similar to their iPhone 12 old brother, but the new generation of iPhone 13 are slightly thicker and comes with a notable design changes to the camera bump on the back of the iPhone 13. 

What does that mean ? that ultimately means you will have to get a new protective back cover case for whatever iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max model you will decide to buy and jump in, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
If you are planning to buy the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, here is a look at YallaCase's favorite cases of the initial 100 that we tried.
YallaCase teams will continue to test and update this guide as more cases become available in the coming weeks.

How protective of a case should I buy in Dubai?

Have you experienced Dubai's dust, humidity and high temperature on your iPhone 13 Pro MAX? if yes, at YallaCase we personally like cases that are:

  1. Not becoming yellow after few weeks of use
  2. Are not too thick 
  3. Offer a perfect drop protection

This is why, at YallaCase, we completely love using a protective case that will be perfect for drop protection, not thick at all in order for us to still enjoy the new design of the iPhone 13 without taking any risks of damaging our new iPhone.

YallaCase team reviewed more than 100+ cases for iPhone, from Luxury Brands like Lamothe, Labodet or Hadoro, to Carbon Fiber Case like Pitaka Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max, also Cases From Casetify, Apple, Mous, Moshi, Otterbox, Spigen, from so many brands available today on 2021.

Most of above brands are well known and have a proven track records of manufacturing one of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max Protective Cases.

Without any doubt, YallaCase will go for Lamothe Luxury iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case if you are the person who wants to distinguish yourselves in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by having exclusive and unique Luxury Leather Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

But, if you want something reliable, strong as much as bullet proof, and thin, YallaCase teams strongly advise the new iPhone 13 Pro Max Pitaka Case in Dubai, UAE.

YallaCase teams strongly advise the new iPhone 13 Pro Max Pitaka Case in Dubai UAE

YallaCase teams strongly advise the new iPhone 13 Pro Max Pitaka Case in Dubai, UAE.

Indeed, Pitaka Case of the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, called MagEZ 2, offer a MagSafe compatibility for true wireless charging experience as per Apple MagSafe charger.

Furthermore, if you want to know why you should get a MagSafe compatible case, please keep reading.

Why Should I get a MagSafe case?

At YallaCase, we seriously love the MagSafe functions which allows you to charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max wirelessly. Especially that the new MagSafe function from Apple allows you to charge using the Fast Wireless capability.

iPhone 13 Pro Max MagSafe Functions on Lamothe Luxury Leather Case Dubai UAE YallaCase

iPhone 13 Pro Max MagSafe Functions on Lamothe Luxury Leather Case Dubai UAE YallaCase

You will have to note that all the new iPhone 13 product range are handling and equipped with Apple's MagSafe functions, which as said above offers a very fast wireless charging capability with of course compatible chargers up to 15 watts of power compare to the previous 5 watts.
The iPhone 13 Pro Max MagSafe also offers many options such to attach MagSafe Wallet, Mini Wallets and many various mounts like the one you can get from Moment on the back of your iPhone 13 Pro Max safely.


Apple mentioned that the array of magnets used on the iPhone 13 Pro Max are all recycled and will not create any more waste in order to protect the environment.

Today, a majority of iPhone 13 Pro Max Case that you can buy all offers the MagSafe functions, as more and more customers wants to get advantage of the MagSafe capability. 

What is the Best iPhone 13 Pro Case For Protection in Dubai?

As mentioned previously, one of the YallaCase's favorite case to use in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is strictly the one made by Lamothe Paris that you can buy following this link.

Indeed, Lamothe Paris used only 100% Genuine Luxury Leather like you can find at Maison Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton.

The Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Luxury Leather Case Dubai UAE Himalaya YallaCase

The iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather case is raising the bar of luxury for your iPhone.

All iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather cases from Lamothe are handmade with obsessive attention to details. 

Lamothe uses different rare leather such the Himalaya Leather famously used by Maison Hermes.


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