What is Nothing Ear1 ? 

Nothing Ear (1) or often called The Nothing Ear (1) is a pair of True Wireless ANC headphones in a great design.

If you are looking for a pair of TWS earbuds that are comfortable, different in looks, decent sound and ANC, then the Nothing (1) ear is perfect for that purpose.


The Nothing Ear 1 is worth considering for anyone looking for an affordable true wireless earbuds.

Nothing is the newest company to enter the affordable truly wireless market with its first product, the Ear 1.

Created by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, backed by Google Ventures and big names like Casey Neistat, Tony Fadell and Kevin Lin, Nothing. attracted a lot of attention for its first product release.

We put the Nothing Ear 1 in a spin to test if these headphones live up to fanfare.

We already knew a lot about the Ear 1's specs and features, including noise cancellation and long battery life, but now we know there's nothing to hide.

A lot is happening with the Ear 1 wireless earbuds, which are the first product from Nothing, a new company created by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei.

With investments from GV, Tony Fadell, and influential creators such as Casey Neistat, Nothing aims to create a whole family of products that follow the design ethic that first appeared in Ear 1.

A transparent body, a partially transparent headphone case, and the brand's fundamental philosophy of integrating technology into everyday life are the key benefits of the Nothing Ear. (1) The Nothing Ear 1 is not cutting edge technology, but it is a lightweight and comfortable earbud that will appeal to most entry-level consumers.

How Nothing Ear 1 is comfortable to wear?

I'm not sure if the liquid silicone or the shape of the earbuds matters here, but the bottom line is that the Nothing (1) ear is one of the most comfortable pairs of earbuds I've tried.

If you receive a lot of calls, Nothing (1) ears will work, but it is not the best choice to eliminate background noise.

In terms of active noise reduction, Nothing (1) ears can well eliminate persistent noise, such as the sound of ceiling fans or moving trains.

Speaking of ambient sound, the ear (1) has a transparent mode that works like other wireless headphones.

The earbuds also have an in-ear detection function, which means that when you turn on or turn off Ear 1s, they will automatically play or pause music.

They only connect to one device, but easily switch between them, and each headset can be used separately.

They fit snugly together, feel light and airy (each earbud is 4.7 grams) and don't come off while running or eating, which are two scenarios where true wireless earbuds are sometimes removed.

How Nothing Ear 1 compare to AirPods Pro?

The new earbuds are shaped like AirPods Pro with silicone rods and tips.

While the ear (1) designed by Teenage Engineering definitely has a transparent design, at least in part, the overall shape and fit of the wireless earbuds is clearly inspired by the AirPods Pro.

There are no restrictions for true wireless headphones. but Nothing's transparent design helps the Ear 1 stand out. Ear 1 is a 5.2 standard Bluetooth headset that supports the universal SBC and AAC audio standards used by most devices.

How to pair Nothing Ear 1 to iPhone and Samsung?

Nothing on the Ear 1 can be paired via Bluetooth and used without software agreements.

The Ear (1) app for Android or iOS allows users to control things like Gesture Control and Find Headphones.

The Ear 1 does not focus on simplicity, so the mobile app (iOS and Android) does not provide the same customization as other headphone apps.

How much cost Nothing Ear 1 in Dubai UAE?

Add to that the convenience of the Ear 1 and I think I can replace them with more expensive options.

The Black version of Ear 1 is now on sale straight from the Nothings website for $ 99.

Priced at $ 99, the Ear 1 includes active noise cancellation, wireless charging, IPX4 water resistance, and small amenities like in-ear detection, features that cost between $ 150 and $ 300 from big competitors Nothings.

Most $ 99 headphones can offer similar sound quality, but Nothing has equipped them with features like wireless charging and ANC that aren't always found at this price point.

The Nothing Ear 1's active noise canceling performance is on par with other true wireless headphones under $ 100. For ANC, Nothing says modern noise canceling uses three high definition microphones and offers different modes depending on the situation you're in. are situated in.

How Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds works?

The three hybrid microphones on the Nothing Ear 1 measure sound between the headphones and the ear canals, as well as ambient noise outside the ears.

Whether it's a placebo or a burn (I know some people think headphone burning is complete nonsense), the sound quality in the ear (1) is excellent.

The Nothing Ear (1) wears out every time it drops, which is always a good sign as it suggests the best wireless earbuds you can buy on a budget.

The latest technology startup headquartered in London is trying to break the pressure of AirPods on Bluetooth headsets by providing good sound and cool design at budget prices.

After a short delay, Nothing launched a true wireless Ear 1 headset, hoping to conquer the crowded market by replacing big names such as Apple, Sony and Bose, while providing advanced features such as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Although most of the headset information was delivered one by one before the release of Sound of Change, we now have all the information we need, including the correct view of the headset itself, because the design has been kept confidential.

What is the latest update of Nothing Ear 1?

According to a Nothing spokesperson, the third pair of Ear (1) in the retail version is said to have optimized audio and call performance through a new firmware update, and a small hardware update to the case to optimize headset connection and charging. When everything is normal, the headset (1) is unbelievably good.

It makes it all the more exciting when someone makes a real name proposal, especially when they are a freelance technician like Nothing.

Nothing, led by Carl Pei of OnePlus, released the Ear 1 with a lot of fanfare and hype.

I wish I could say that Nothing squeezed each of them, and Ear (1) now works correctly, error-free, as it should.

I put this review aside in the hope that nothing will fix many of the bugs that the ear suffers from (1).

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