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Where to buy Coolify Air Conditionner in Saudi Arabia? (Dammam - Riyadh - Jeddah), Kuwait, UAE?

Are you looking to beat the heat in Middle East and especially in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates?

We have a good news at YallaCase to help you cooling down the heat in your body!

Indeed, YallaCase would like to introduce you the Best Innovation of 2021! Called Coolify by Torras.

If you do not have time to read this full Coolify By Torras Product Review, please feel free to grab your best favourite drink and enjoy watching the following video:

We do hope that you have enjoyed watching the YouTube video introduction of the best innovation of 2021 presenting the new Coolify Air Conditionner by Torras.

Today, Sunday 25th of July 2021, at the time of writing the product review of the Coolify by Torras, the temperature and of course the humidity is constantly climbing day after day, in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait but also here in the United Arab Emirates.

We reach easily the 52 to 55C in the shadow. This is of course an unbelievable temperature. 

Hard, people working outside in the sun and heat of the temperature. 

But, also people who wanted to practice workout outside.

This is nearly impossible because of the huge temperature in the Middle East.

If you take a look at the official website of the Accu Weather it is clearly mentioning that the real feel temperature is more than 45C. 

Coolify by Torras YallaCase Amazon Price

This is simple a huge challenge in 2021 to beat the heat!

Indeed, we are all wondering how could we beat the heat in Middle East. 

How To Beat The Heat in Dubai United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait?

Of course, one of the best solution is to drink a lot of water to avoid being dehydrated but the question come of how to cool down your body temperature?

YallaCase is happy to announce and introduce you the best innovation of 2021, called Coolify Wearable Air Conditioner.

Best Price Coolify by Torras at Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Kuwait Qatar

Indeed, to make it very simple, Coolify by Torras is a small, light and easy to carry with you everywhere wearable air conditioner that fits around your neck.

With Coolify by Torras, you will immediately feels the cold and cool down your body to beat the heat in Middle East.

The neck fan of the Coolify by Torras is extremely well designed.

How easy is to wear the Coolify by Torras?

It is extremely easy to put on and off the Coolify by Torras, Thanks to his design which looks like a headphones around your neck.

The fact that it is wearable like any other hyper high quality headphone is extremely useful especially if you practices workout, or even if you work in office or outside as the Coolify by Torras literally free your hands.

Coolify Torras YallaCase Dubai Abu Dhabi Al Ain Fujeirah Sharjah Dammam Riyadh Jeddah Kuwait Doha

How Safe is Coolify by Torras?

Coolify by Torras is extremely safe to use.

Indeed, The Wearable Air Conditioner Coolify by Torras's offer a very exclusive MultiProtect safety system which combines:

  1. Blade-less design,
  2. Metal dense mesh,
  3. Microporous design,
  4. and more to provide all-round protection for you and your devices.

Furthermore, if you have long hair, or if you are wondering even more about the safety's of the Coolify, it is safe to say that Coolify offer a bladeless neck fan which does not get your hair caught in.

YallaCase Coolify Dubai Al Ain Dammam Jeddah Riyadh Kuwait Doha Coolify price amazon

Coolify by Torras Air Conditioner does not heat up around your neck at all during usage. Which is extremely nice and cool for the safety.

How Long Coolify Takes To Cool My Body?

You may wonder, how long does it take to Coolify by Torras Air Conditionner to cool down your body especially with the crazy hot weather and temperature in United Arab Emirates, Doha, Kuwait or even Saudi Arabia.

During our Product Review of the New Coolify, we were all very surprised that it took nearly less than 1 second to cool our body.

Indeed, after many check with different people from our team, we came to a conclusion that the neck fan using semiconductor refrigeration technology to produce temperature difference to achieve instant cooling, the built-in semiconductor cooling chip will reduce the neck temperature to 12 degrees.

Which is very insane for a very small device like the Coolify. 

You can literarily cool down your body immediately with Coolify.

Why Coolify 360 Double Vent So Important?

Because the neck fan provides a 360 degree airflow , 36 air outlets blows air around your entire neck, not the many others that only blow air directly in front of your neck area or only blows air in front and sides of the neck. Coolify Torras price amazon doha Kuwait dammam jeddah riyadh dubai al Ian

Coolify is totally different as the lower air outlet prevents sweating on the neck, the upper air outlet make you breath better with your face mask and keep your from fogging up.

Coolify offers also a twin turbo, four-channel air cavity, 5000 speed per second, 60 fan blades, 3 gears adjustable, which is again a pure best innovation of 2021.

We, at YallaCase, we have never seen something like this before.

What is the battery life of Coolify by Torras?

Full day battery life is an easy answer! with its 4000 mAh!

The portable neck fan built with premium technology and advanced engineering offering 4000 mAh battery.

It takes no time to recharge and last for over an eight hour shift.

Equipped with USB-C charging port which not only makes charging 2 times faster than conventional chargers but also supply Multi-way for power.

Coolify by Torras Air Conditionner is available on with fast delivery to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar

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