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Who is Nothing Ear Buds Ear 1?

Nothing Ear Buds is a new British company disturbing the Apple AirPods Market. Get More information about Nothing Ear Buds in UAE - KSA - Qatar - Kuwait 

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What Nothing Ear 1 Buds Does Differently?

As said on the introduction, Nothing Ear Buds is a London-based consumer technology company on a mission to remove barriers between people and the technology we all use. 

Nothing introduced a new wireless Ear Buds called Ear 1.

How Nothing Ear Buds 1 do that?

By designing intuitive and smart technology that improves our lives without getting in the way Nothing wants to bring back artistry, passion, and trust.

Here before, starting our article on the review of the Nothing Ear(1) Wireless Ear Buds, please enjoy watching the Review of the Video from our friend MKBHD.

How Nothing Ear 1 Buds can help people?

Nothing Ear Buds helps people to unlock new and meaningful experiences not just in consumer electronics, but also in life.

When Nothing Ear Buds 1 started?

As per Nothing official website, the company started on 2020. Exactly, on October 2020. Indeed, on November, Nothing company raised more than 7$ Dollars from friends and investors who share Nothing Company's mission, including Tony Fadell, Casey Neistat, Kevin Lin and Steve Huffman

The company, on November 2020, unveiled Nothing’s mission. To remove barriers between people and technology, and create a seamless digital future.

Nothing Ear Buds (ear 1) company reach a wonderful milestones on January 2021, by raising a new set of funds. 
Indeed, Nothing got a key investor, GV joined the Nothing mission and invested $15 million in our Series A round, propelling Nothing Ear Buds forward on their journey.

One month later, Nothing achieved another Key Milestones by partnering with Teenage Engineering.

Nothing Ear Buds unveiled Teenage Engineering as a founding partner of Nothing, with Tom and Jesper being the visionaries behind our product designs.

On March 2021, Nothing raised in less than 54 second 1M$ from community funding. 

Nothing destroyed the history by being the first company raising more than 1M$ via crowdfunding in Europe.

Another amazing news from Nothing Ear 1 Buds is that it reached more than 1000$ on StockX .

Apple Airpods Pro Vs Ear1 who is the winner?

The Apple references in the design for Ear 1 are interesting.

There are so many competitors to AirPods Pro, and most are trying to make ones that clearly signal they are a similar product.

Now the Nothing Ear 1s do look very like AirPods, but, thanks to that transparency, are sufficiently different to have a separate identity. 

Why To Get Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Ear Buds in UAE - KSA - Kuwait - Qatar?

For so many obvious reasons out there, but let be direct. This new design is so much better than the Apple AirPods design.

The Nothing Ear 1 looks stunning with its transparency and look and feel.

From Jumeirah Beach Area, to the Five Palm, everyone will notice that what you have is something unique. Even at The Dubai Mall or Mall of The Emirates.

What Prestigious Tech Youtube Reviewer Like Unbox Therapy and MrWhoseTheBoss Think about Nothing Ear1?

Videos are much better than words, please enjoy two videos below and let us know your comments on the comments section below.

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Video of MrWhoseTheBoss:

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