MKBHD Collaboration With Moment ! Amazing Apple Watch Band Dubai UAE

MKBHD X Moment ! Best Collaboration For AppleWatch Series 7 of 2021!

Indeed, we at YallaCase all love watching each and every single Youtube Review from MKBHD

We do also love all Moment product range especially the one for the new iPhone 13 Pro Max.
Here Moment is partnering with MKBHD on the completely new Apple Watch Series 7.

Indeed, with everyone’s favorite tech reviewer to create the world’s crispiest Apple watch straps.
The MKBHD Apple Watch Strap Series 7, is made from premium leather, they’re precision embossed with MKBHD’s signature tessellation pattern.

The Apple Watch Band is featuring high end metal hardware and a buttery soft finish, they will keep you looking fresh on or off camera... even in 8k.

MKBHD Apple Watch Strap Series 7 Features and Compatibility
Compatible with Apple Watch Series 7

  1. Made from premium leather for all-day comfort
  2. Embossed tessellation pattern co-designed with MKBHD
  3. Premium stainless steel watch hardware in black
  4. Precision fit with the Apple Watch
  5. Premium stainless steel buckle in matte black
  6. Covered by our 2-year warranty


Standard Strap of MKBHD Moment Apple Watch Strap

  • Upper length: 72mm
  • Lower length: 115mm
  • Strap Width: 20mm
  • Weight: 26g


Thin Strap of MKBHD Apple Watch Series 7 Strap

  • Upper length: 72mm
  • Lower length: 115mm
  • Strap Width: 16mm
  • Weight: 26g

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