You can purchase the Pitaka Case from YallaCase Online Store if you live in the UAE.


This is a unique cell phone case that is unique to the United Arab Emirates.
This unique product is famous all over the world due to its thin yet durable back cover case.

The Pitaka Case is available for Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max in MagEZ 2 and MagEZ Pro styles.

The Pitaka Case MagEZ is available in a variety of colors and materials.
The MagEZ Pro 2 is made from Aramid fiber, which makes it lightweight and slim.
The case is made of reinforced frame and corner bumpers, which make it more resistant to drops.

You can find MagEZ Pro in YallaCase Online Store if you live in the UAE.

The Pitaka Aramid Fiber MagEZ Case is designed to protect your phone from falls.

The 3D-grip design on the MagEZ is great for preventing drops.

The case weighs only 17g and is compatible with MagEZ chargers.

You can also get additional cases and accessories on YallaCase Online store in Dubai UAE.

The Pitaka Aramid Fiber MagEZ Case is one of the most protective iPhone cases available on the market.

With a 0.85mm thickness, the MagEZ Carbon Fiber Case offers excellent protection for your phone.


If you have a Samsung or iPhone, you can also use this case for this model. The Pitaka Aramid Fiber MagEZ is also available in black and grey twill, which is one of the most popular colors for this product.

The Pitaka MagEZ case is a slim magnetic system compatible case.

The case has metal pads on the bottom to help your phone stand upright.

It also fits snugly to your body and protects it from wear and tear.

This protective case is compatible with most iPhone models. It is also compatible with a wide variety of other brands.

You can choose one according to your needs.

You can purchase the MagEZ case for your iPhone 13 Pro Max at the official website of YallaCase.com

The online store YallaCase offers the best selection of mobile accessories in Dubai.

The Pitaka Aramid Fiber MagEZ is compatible with the magnetic system and the MagEZ is compatible with other brands.

The case is also compatible with the standard Qi wireless chargers.

The Pitaka MagEZ case is the best solution for your iPhone.

The slim and lightweight case features the MagEZ magnetic system and features an ergonomic design. This device holster is compatible with the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max.

If you want to buy MagEZ, simply visit the website of YallaCase and browse the vast collection of MagEZ cases.

This iPhone MagEZ Case from PITAKA is perfect for your iPhone.

You can easily buy Pitaka Case MagEZ on Yallacase Online Store in Dubai UAE today.

It is made of polycarbonate and has a durable and sleek design.

The iPhone 12 Series iPad Cases are made of polycarbonate and are compatible with iPad and iPhone 12.

Both cases have polycarbonate material and can be compared with each other.

PITAKA has also made the iPhone MagEZ cases for the iPhone 12 Series iPad. The iPhone 12 Series iPad cases are made of polycarbonate and are made from high quality polycarbonate.

They are ideal for protecting your iPad and iPhone. You will be able to enjoy a smoother experience and a more secure connection to your Apple device.

You can even watch your favorite movies on your smartphone with PITAKA's new Air Omni and iPhone XR2 without having to take your iPhone out.

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