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As you have seen, yesterday August 11th, 2021, Samsung announcement their new flagship phones. 

Indeed, as every year, on August, Samsung make us all happy with their new Fold Device.

Which we wanted to remind you are pure innovation and stay ahead of all competitors such Xiaomi or Huawei as of 2021. 

But, this year of 2021, Samsung raised again the bar very very high!

This is easily the greatest phone that Samsung ever made!

Samsung Z Fold 3 is really a solid piece of equipment for 2021!

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Not, only the software running the Fold 3 and Flip 3 are just purely futuristic and truly ahead from the competition, but the Samsung Fold is reaching a Tablet or even a Laptop Powerful replacement.

But let's focus here on the Samsung Z Fold 3

What Do We Like About New Samsung Z Fold 3 at YallaCase?

  1. Samsung Z Fold 3 Offers Dual Sim, which is incredible useful especially when we travel a lot between Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait
  2. Samsung Z Fold 3 is smaller than the Samsung Fold 2, which help us to keep it in hand especially during awaiting time at Dubai Airport
  3. Samsung Z Fold 3 provide a better Armour Screen
  4. Samsung Z Fold 3 is equiped with a better Hinge
  5. Samsung Z Fold 3 has a proper Water and Dust Resistance IPX8, which is very unique on 2021. No other Foldable phone offers such IP Ratings.
  6. Front and back of the Samsung Z Fold 3 provide GGV (Gorilla Glass Vectus) with a new film to protect up to 80% better!

Why Samsung Z Fold 3 has the most advanced display into a Smartphone on 2021?

First of all, the Samsung Z Fold 3 looks really like a tablet when unfolded.

Samsung finally delivered compare to the Fold 1 and Fold 2.

Every part of the phone is strongly improved to provide the top notch quality phone.

Last Video Review from our friend Linus:

With its 80% Better quality screen, Samsung is by far the most durable phone.

Even with the Samsung S21 Ultra Camera Character, (We wished to see the same design camera frame from the S21 Ultra into the Z Fold 3).

This is arguably the best displays that you can get into a smartphone on 2021.

On the Samsung Z Fold 3, you get two panels:

  1. First Panel is a wide screen which cover 6.2 inches
  2. Second Panel is another enormous screen which cover 7.6 inches infinity flex screen
  3. It offers 120 Hz refresh rate with a fantastic dynamic Amoled 2X

Why Samsung Z Fold 3 In-Display Camera is not good?

Yes, we all agree that Samsung did a fantastic job by hiding the front facing camera on its new flagship. 


But, the quality of selfie photos are just not there compare to the Samsung S21 Ultra.

The Samsung Z Fold 3 offers a 4Mp Front Facing Camera which is not good at all compare to the other Galaxy Line.

Why Samsung Z Fold 3 is the best smartphone of 2021?

Samsung Z Fold 3 offers 12 GB of RAM as well as 256GB or 512GB of Storage with SD888 Snapdragon, but please see below what make us at YallaCase thinking that this is the best Smartphone of 2021:

  1. News Apps Like Google News Shows more information than before.
  2. YouTube provides more thumbnails to avoid you scrolling too much.
  3. Dual App, run two same application exactly like in a computer
  4. Dual Browsing as well, like in your laptop you will have proper space to move between window tabs, and copy another link to a second screen
  5. Huge Condensed Information on the Samsung Z Fold 3
  6. Labs Samsung Fold Z 3 offers huge customization like for example resizing windows, or even apps size. This is something incredible that you cannot find in any other Smartphone today.
  7. True Samsung Z Fold 3 Multitasking, you can use 2 apps stacked together. This is really more significant that what it seems.


For example, you want to show your Whatsapp Apps in the same time of watching a video. You cannot do this in your iPhone.

How Samsung Z Fold 3 New Taskbar Works?

This is completely new and insane from Samsung. 

This Taskbar on the Samsung Z Fold 3 works just like in your laptop. It feels like a proper dock with all your chosen apps right in your fingers.


In addition to the New Taskbar, Samsung Z Fold 3 offers a new Flex Mode, which works seamlessly as well as a new function called Mirroring.

Which means that any change you have made on the inside screen will now be shown on the front screen, it is very good for the consistency.

Do we recommend Samsung Z Fold 3 to customer?

Absolutely, despite its price in Dubai with Etisalat, DU, or even Sharaf DG which is around AED 6,799.00

YallaCase Team strongly advise to buy it if you want to be far ahead of any other smartphone in the market.

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