What is a good iPhone clear case?

A popular and highly rated clear case for the iPhone is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. It offers protection while still showing off the design of the phone, and is made of a hybrid material of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and polycarbonate.

Why using a clear iPhone case?

Clear cases are a popular option for iPhone owners who want to showcase their device's design and color while still providing protection. Although no case can perfectly imitate the naked iPhone look, clear cases come close by allowing its appearance to show through.

When considering protection, clear cases offer the same features as opaque cases. Thicker cases offer more protection but can alter the slim feel of the iPhone, while thinner cases provide less protection but retain the premium feel in your hand.

What iPhone case do we recommend ?

We recommend clear cases from trusted brands that have been tested and used by us. While our list focuses on the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, clear cases are also available for older iPhone models.

The Apple iPhone 14 Clear Case is a thin to medium-thick case made from a combination of polycarbonate and flexible materials. It offers less protection compared to thicker cases, but it has a unique feature that sets it apart: a cutout on the bottom edge that allows for easy access to the screen when swiping up or returning to the home screen.

YallaCase Dubai and Best Clear Case?

The Clear Case has raised edges to protect the screen, and minimal elevation for the camera lens, which is a standard feature in most cases. However, it lacks raised bumpers on the back, causing the phone to wobble when placed on a flat surface due to the camera bump.

One common issue with clear cases is the yellowing of the material over time, but this is not a concern with the Apple Clear Case as it has been reported to maintain its clarity even after prolonged use.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid with MagCase is a medium-thick case made of a combination of flexible and harder plastics, offering better protection compared to Apple's Clear Case due to its softer material. It's infused with blue resin to prevent yellowing over time.

Like other cases, the Ultra Hybrid has raised edges to protect the screen and minimal elevation for the camera lens. However, it also has raised bumpers on the back to prevent wobbling when placed on a flat surface.

Buy Best iPhone Case Dubai?

While the Ultra Hybrid offers good protection, it does come with some heavy branding and markings. The company name is on the bottom left edge of the case, which is not a problem, but the top right edge has "air cushion technology" written in capital letters with an arrow pointing to the corner, and a series of numbers are etched on the bottom right edge.

Otterbox is known for its ultra-protective cases, and the Otterbox Symmetry Series+ Clear Antimicrobial with MagSafe for iPhone 14 is no exception. This medium-thick case is made from synthetic rubber and polycarbonate plastic, making it flexible and better at absorbing impacts.

The case has raised edges for screen protection and slight elevation for the camera lens, but does not have raised bumpers on the back to prevent wobbling.

In terms of branding, the Otterbox case is one of the least obtrusive among the non-Apple cases, with only a single Otterbox logo on the right edge under the power button.

The Otterbox Symmetry Series+ also has antimicrobial technology, but Otterbox does not make any claims that it actively protects against common bacteria.

The buttons on the case are also noteworthy, offering a good balance between ease of press and a satisfying clicky feedback sound, even better than Apple's buttons.

The Incipio Duo for MagSafe is a two-piece case, made of a hard exterior shell and a soft, flexible interior layer for added protection.

This medium-thick case also features anti-microbial properties. Although not entirely clear, the back of the case has a slightly hazy appearance, while the sides have a hexagonal pattern.

Despite having raised edges for the screen and camera, it lacks bumpers on the back to prevent wobbling.

The case has "Made in China" clearly visible on the bottom right edge and a random assortment of numbers and letters on the bottom left, which detracts from the overall aesthetic of both the case and your iPhone.

The Totallee Transparent Case is part of Totallee's range of slim and sleek cases with no branding. This case is on the slim side for protection, but the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material absorbs shocks better than an unencased iPhone.

The soft version of the Transparent case has a raised lip to protect the screen and offers better impact protection than the hard version. Both versions have a slight lip for the camera.

While Totallee claims its Transparent Case is thin enough for MagSafe to work, the strength of MagSafe may be slightly reduced.

Totallee also offers the MagSafe Frosted Clear case, which is not fully transparent due to the frosted texture but still allows the iPhone's color to shine through, and provides full MagSafe strength.

Please note that at the time of writing, Totallee's cases for the iPhone 14 are only available for pre-order and will be shipped on October 31st.

The Peel Super Thin Case is so thin that it falls into a new category, "near-naked thickness." This means it provides limited protection, mainly scratch protection and only marginal supplemental drop protection compared to an unencased iPhone.

The case has a slight lip to protect the screen and camera. It doesn't weaken the MagSafe connection, but a MagSafe version is also available for a stronger connection.

Peel's case is unbranded, making it a cost-effective option to achieve a naked iPhone look.

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