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What is Pitaka Case MagEZ? 

Pitaka iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases MagEZ is a wonderful new generation of iPhone Cell Phone Case made of Aramid Carbon Fiber.

With a fantastic slim design, the Pitaka Case claim to be the thinnest and strongest iPhone case on the planet in 2022.

Indeed, in addition to being able to see the case directly, they provided a 1 5/16 "wide and 7/16" high slot in the lid to touch the metal surface.

What-you-should know-about-Pitaka-Case-yallacase

PITAKA was written on the inside of the case, but nothing outside of the case advertised their company.

On the inside of the case, the PITAKA Aramid Case was found to be compatible with the PITAKA Magnetic Holder.

The original PITAKA aramid case arrived in a retail box 3 7/8 "wide, 7 1/4" high and 5/8 "thick.

Where Pitaka Logo is displayed on the iPhone?

Instead of meaningless images and text, PITAKA chose to display its product right behind a transparent window.

Like other versions, these cases hold your phone firmly and include functional cutouts for lenses, buttons, and other camera ports.

What-you-should know-about-Pitaka-Case-yallacase

The Pitakas iPhone case starts with iPhone 6 and ends with the latest devices like the iPhone 13 Pro Max Pitaka MagEZ Pro.

The Pitaka phone case is specially designed for high-end smartphones from Apple, Google and Samsung.

They come in a variety of colors and patterns to make your phone stand out.

How is the texture of the Pitaka Case MagEZ ?

The texture of the case and the soft coating not only serve as proof of the company's marketing claims, but also provide a really good grip on the phone.

What-you-should know-about-Pitaka-Case-yallacase

However, the case is so thin that it has no "protrusion" to keep the screen away from the flat surface.

How Pitaka Case MagEZ protects your iPhone ?

This is great for portability, but means the case offers minimal protection.

How Pitaka Case are MagSafe Compatible with the new iPhone ?

A magnetic plate on the back of the case holds it securely in the MagEZ tablet holder without any annoying knocks.

The MagEZ case for iPad Pro is made of PITAKA’s proprietary aramid fiber, which is extremely light, thin and comfortable.

It is one of the few cases on the market that provides seamless integration of the iPad Pro and Apple Magic keyboards.

What-you-should know-about-Pitaka-Case-yallacase

The PITAKA team found that with the release of the 2021 iPad Pro and Apple Magic Keyboard earlier this year, there were no protective cases compatible with them on the market.

If you want to use Pitaka accessories, please make sure you are using the Apple Keyboard Case designed specifically for the 2021 iPad Pro 12.9.

How is the Pitaka Case for iPad Pro?

While we're on the subject, there is a 2018/2020 version of the Pitakas case for the iPad Pro and another for the 2021 version because the newer version is thicker.

The Pitaka case is so thin it doesn't have to be removed when closing one of Apple's keyboard cases.

The Pitaka case adds welcome protection and the folio is highly portable.


Pitaka also offers cases for the iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max,  and iPhone Series 13 Air and MagEZ, so browse through and choose the right case.

How YallaCase recommends the Pitaka MagEZ Case?

If you're looking for an ultra-thin case to protect against everything in your pocket and the surfaces you place your phone on, I highly recommend the Pitaka MagCase.

Pitaka MagCase is a military grade slim phone case made with premium bulletproof materials that will withstand almost any drop.

What are the characteristics of the Pitaka Case?

Characteristics 3.6. Summary.

While the Pitaka Aramid iPhone 7 case is not bulletproof, it has a nice look and good protection against bumps, drops and scratches.

Weighing just 10g and just 0.6mm thin, it's made from durable 600D aramid fiber, it provides the ultimate protection for your iPhone 13, 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max, without the extra weight.

It offers full phone coverage including button covers so that nothing can touch the precious surface of your phone.

Pitaka has refined and improved on the earlier version of its case, making it as rugged as possible and offering a wide range of stylish color options.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Pitaka Air case and find it a must-have accessory for Apple Watch users who want to protect their watch without sacrificing its look, as well as those who want to use a Pitaka Carbon Fiber watch strap and create attractive appearance.

But according to Pitaka, you need to be careful when choosing a carbon fiber case.

Are Pitaka Case made of Carbon Fiber or Aramid?

While carbon fiber is used to make ballistic composites such as body armor and body armor, it is potentially not as suitable for smartphone cases as Aramid.

If you are looking for a nearly bare carbon fiber body that you’ll hardly notice, look no further than the PITAKA Aramid body.

The PITAKA magnetic aramid case looks great, it feels great, and when you look at its material, it actually looks cool.

All you need to know about Pitaka MagEZ Cases for iPhone?

The Pitaka MagEZ aramid phone case is as durable as carbon fiber, but the aramid fiber is more flexible, which gives the MagEZ phone case a higher tensile strength before shooting.

The MagEZ phone case has very few markings and everything is located at the bottom of the case, which makes the MagEZ phone case look cleaner.

The Pitaka MagEZ phone case has a built-in metal plate to provide extra support for the back of the phone case, as well as a magnetic connection.

When installed on the Qi Mount MagEZ car wireless charger, the MagEZ phone case can be turned into a stylish mobile phone holder.

Qi comes with a spherical head car vent adapter and a 3M spherical head adhesive backing for fixing the bracket to the dashboard or windshield.

The MagEZ case is ultra-thin and lightweight (3 ounces in weight), while still providing a layer of protection for your iPad Pro or iPad Air.

This is the thinnest phone case I have ever owned, and this time it won’t turn your phone into a huge piece of wood.

According to people at PITAKA, the $49.99 iPhone X MagCase is the thinnest and most durable mobile phone case ever.

However, if you want a thin and light case made of durable "high-tech" materials with good protection, this may be a good choice for you.

What about Pitaka Air Cases for iPhone?

Before we talk about the Pitaka Air Case, I have to clarify one thing: I have never been a fan of protective Apple Watch cases, nor have I ever used one in the last 6 years of owning an Apple Watch.

Pitaka cases remain extremely comfortable, stylish and safe, and it's great that they continue to design new cases for every future phone ... oh, and they haven't forgotten all of you iPhone users.

Pitaka's new MagEZ and Air Cases are perfect for your new Samsung Galaxy S21  + or 21 Ultra phones and Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra models.

PITAKA offers many very cool aramid fiber accessories that can be used with magnetic casings, such as magnetic wallets, car holders and a series of aramid fiber charging tools.

Although the PITAKA case looks great on a black, gray, or silver iPhone, those with a brighter iPhone may not appreciate the unique black and gray that PITAKA offers.

Most shockproof iPhone cases are thick and bulky, but PITAKA provides high-quality protection in an incredibly thin and light form factor.

PITAKA provides a good all-round protective cover, this is something that at YallaCase we are crazy about.


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