When will the iPhone 12 phones and cases be released?

We're currently planning to start shipping our iPhone 12 cases on October 23rd 2020 but this is subject to change as Apple have not yet confirmed the official release date of the iPhone 12.

We currently expect Apple’s new handsets to hit the shelves in October but all iPhone 12 shipping dates are subject to change.
If anything does change, pre-order customers will be notified of any changes as soon as we're aware of them.

Thanks to some super-secret YallaCase sources, we have been able to create cases which we are confident will fit the new iPhone 12 models perfectly, which is why we’re taking pre-orders in advance of the official launch.
However, we would never ship a case out before we've been able to test it with a real phone, so our launch date will be the same as Apple's...

Fingers crossed they don't keep us waiting too long!

Pre-order now and be the first to receive your YallaCase iPhone 12 case and accessories.

Iphone 12 case

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