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Do you want to get the Nothing Ear(1)?

We all know that the new Nothing Ear(1) is not just a Hype!
Indeed, if you have not read our full review about the New Nothing Ear1, please visit this Nothing Ear 1 Blog Article to learn more.

Nothing Ear1 Dubai Kuwait Qatar Saudi Arabia

If you want to be the first to get the Nothing Ear 1 in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries, is happy to let you know that we have open the First Pre-Order in the Middle East (Including United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait).

Behind the hype these earbuds are actually a pretty great pickup.

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Ultimate Review of Nothing Ear(1)!

The Former Founder of OnePlus Karl Pei, worked hard to develop the fantastic new Nothing Ear1 EarBuds.

Indeed, the design itself of the new Nothing Ear(1) just look stunning and refreshing.

We have never seen something like this before

Even the design of the Apple AirPods Pro, or Sony does not look as beautiful as the Nothing Ear(1).

New Apple AirPods Pro on Dubai Online Shopping

Of Course, we all love above design of the Apple AirPods Pro, but we truly need something fresh.

And, at, we really find the new design of the Nothing Ear1 is wonderful.

As said above, the below design of the Sony headphone needs really something new.

Sony Headphone on YallaCase.comThe Nothing Ear1 is compatible with any wireless charger. 

The design is very beautiful and the weight is very light. 

This is an incredible pair of earbuds that provide and extremely good sound quality.

From Dubai, we have all seen the huge Hype for the new Nothing Ear1, but at YallaCase we truly wanted to review the product. 

Not the hype and getting affected by months of rumours and excitement.

YallaCase Team wanted to be away of that hype and share with your our true product feedback related to the Nothing Ear1.

We all know, from Dubai to Kuwait passing by Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, how the weather in the Middle East could be very taft.

We wanted a true Earbuds that will not be slippy when it is very humide outside.

Furthermore, the Nothing Ear1 deliver that: A truly high quality earbuds that stay in your ears!

The Nothing Ear(1) is a very good earbuds with 3 Pros Technical Features:

  1. Active Noise Cancellation
  2. Wireless Charger
  3. Beautiful Design (not so technical but we love it)

The packaging of the Nothing Ear(1) is very beautiful.

It provides such a wonderful unboxing experience too.

What Make Nothing Ear(1) Different than AirPods Apple?

Of Course, Nothing Ear(1) Design stay appart from AirPods Apple Earbuds!

Most of people does not realise how the transparent design looks just so good!

At YallaCase, we really love what Nothing team has achieve and done.

Design of the Nothing Ear(1) looks just sweet!

Why YallaCase Loves the Nothing Ear(1) Design?

For so many reasons, but let's put 10 reasons here in our article:

  1. We love the Nothing Ear(1) because of the net finish and design
  2. Because of the transparency of the Nothing Ear(1), we do not notice any glue, or anything bringing bad feeling
  3. The Overall Shape is very familiar
  4. Nothing ear(1) is very confortable to wear
  5. The Case of the Nothing Ear(1) is clear as well and looks clean
  6. Earbuds snap perfectly inside the case
  7. Nothing Ear(1) have USB-C Charger !!!
  8. The Sound is pretty good
  9. Noise Cancellation for competitive price
  10. Compatible with Apple or Android

 Pre-Order Nothing Ear(1) Kuwait and Qatar Now

If you want to see one of the best video on YouTube from our friend at UnboxTherapy.

The Video is right here:

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