Why Apple will choose 5G over 120 Hz for iPhone 12?

Why are we all so excited about the new Apple iPhone 12?

I guess because of the upcoming 5G Speed, especially that in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 5G is already been rolling out since 3-4 years in many location such Jumeirah Lakes Tower, Emaar Boulevard etc..

But, we know from several sources that Apple made a decision between having their upcoming iPhone 12 offering 5G connectivity or/and 120Hz.

And Apple preferred to select the 5G argument because of many reasons, such;

  1. 5G is very easy to promote for Apple on the iPhone 12
  2. People will rather buy a new Apple iPhone for the improving speed instead of the fast refresh rate of its new iPhone screen.
  3. Advertising faster Internet connectivity will resonate with consumers more than trying to sell them on the advantages of 120 Hz refresh rates.
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