Why Arc Pulse Case is Worth It?

With a stylish, durable aluminum case.

The Arc Pulse phone case is made from durable aluminum and offers an excellent fit for your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

its sleek design is light to hold and fits snugly around your Apple iPhone, without adding any bulk or weight.

This beautiful, minimalist design will look great with any outfit and provide you with much-needed protection from drops and scratches.

Features such as the metal kick stand that can be used to prop up your phone make it even better, allowing you to watch all your favourite movies and shows hands-free while keeping them safe and secure!

Best Features of Arc Pulse Case:

  1. Premium grade aluminum material 
  2. Fits perfectly on the iPhone 14 Pro Max device 
  3. Sleek & lightweight design without added bulk or weight 
  4. Kickstand feature for watching movies & tv shows hands-free 
  5. HDMI/USB ports are left uncovered for easy cable connections

Benefits of Arc Pulse Case:

  1. Stylish & contemporary look 
  2. Innovative design for easy functionality 
  3. Perfectly engineered fit round your device 
  4. Heavy duty protection from drops & scratches
Arc pulse phone case

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