YallaCase Dubai is proud to introduce a revolutionary mobile phone cases cover for iPhone 12 and iPhones 13 series in United Arab Emirates. 

Indeed, Arc Enterprises is the world best minimalist cases for your iPhone.

Cases from Arc Enterprises Collection are called Arc Pulse and are made with the purest materials on earth:

1. iPhone Cases made of Titanium
2. iPhone Cases made of Aluminum

Why Arc Pulse Mobile Phone Cases for iPhone are fabulous?

Because, At YallaCase, we know that our customers does not like to hide the beauty of the iPhone design and still want to cover it, in order to protect the phone.


Furthermore, Arc Pulse Collections are extremely beautiful and looks state-of-the-art luxury cases with no other cases like this on the planet.

Arc Enterprises provides the perfect answer to offer the world best cases design which protect your iPhone perfectly without compromising the fabulous design of the iPhone.

Information about Aluminum:
Metals like aluminum used in phone cases come with excellent rigidity. Aluminum protects the cell phone very well and is perdurable. Its look, appearance and haptic compliment the looks of a premium smartphone very well.

Information about Titanium:
Titanium has an even better dent & scratch resistance, particularly Titanium Grade 5 with an extraordinary strength to weight ratio. It is light and highly corrosion resistant yet guarantees some of the best protection against drops and shocks.

Arc pulse

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