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Hot weather in Dubai and Saudi Arabia

Get your Coolify right now to cool down your body temperature.
Coolify Fast Shipment Available in Saudi Arabia And United Arab Emirates.

What is included with the Coolify by Torras Air Conditionner?

  • Necklace Air Cooler by Torras
  • Hands Free Bladeless Fan, 
  • 4000 mAh Battery Operated 
  • Wearable Personal Fan, 
  • Leafless, 
  • Rechargeable, 
  • Headphone Design, 
  • USB Powered Mini Fan,
  • For Travel Home and Office Use,
  • 3 Speeds

Coolify is a small wearable air conditioner that fits around your neck.

What About the Coolify Air Conditionner by Torras delivery to United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia?

  • What is Hands Free Design & Safety Bladeless? The neck fan well designed easy on and off looks like headphones around your neck, free your hands.
  • TORRAS's exclusive MultiProtect safety system combines Bladeless design, Metal dense mesh, Microporous design, and more to provide all-round protection for you and your devices.
  • The bladeless neck fan doesn’t get your hair caught in them like others. It does not heat up around your neck at all during usage .
  • How Coolify by Torras Instant Cooling Works? The neck fan using semiconductor refrigeration technology to produce temperature difference to achieve instant cooling, the built-in semiconductor cooling chip will reduce the neck temperature to 12 degrees.
  • Why the 360° Cooling and Double Vent Design Coolify? The neck fan provides a 360 degree airflow ,36 air outlets blows air around your entire neck, not the many others that only blow air directly in front of your neck area or only blows air in front and sides of the neck.
  • The lower air outlet prevents sweating on the neck, the upper air outlet make you breath better with your face mask and keep your gl from fogging up .
  • Twin turbo, four-channel air cavity, 5000 speed per second, 60 fan blades, 3 gears adjustable.
  • What is the Battery Life of the Coolify by Torras? The portable neck fan built with premium technology and advanced engineering offering 4000 mAh battery, It takes no time to recharge and last for over an eight hour shift.
  • Equipped with USB-C charging port which not only makes charging 2 times faster than conventional chargers but also supply Multi-way for power.
  • Can I use Coolify by Torras in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates? The portable fan adopt robust Eco-PC casing and premium internal components ensure perfect performance regardless of scrapes, bumps, or drops.
  • The small fan is great for working around the house and any time you get hot.
  • The neck fan has been a lifesaver, wherever you need it, whenever you need it, keeps you cool & lulls you to sleep. Exquisite packaging perfect for gifts.

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